Al-Wasr Company for Importing Foodstuff was established on 19/02/2019 in its main location in Misrata city, and later a branch in Tripoli was opened. In a very short time, the company was able to sign contracts with many companies to import multiple products to the Libyan market, in addition to its work as an importer to the local market. The company has imported dried foodstuff, fruits, and meat for oil, industrial, and construction companies, and hotels

The company owns many как найти удаленную работу warehouses among which one is in #Misrata and another one in Tripoli. All the company’s warehouses are equipped with health and technical specifications including temperature, humidity, and ventilation which help store foodstuff according to their nature. Moreover, all the warehouses are registered in the Food and Medicine Control Center for the company to assure that the products reach the Libyan market in an excellent healthy manner. игровые автоматы онлайн бесплатно

The company now has many contracts to import different foodstuff to the Libyan market and it is ready to bring new products and find new partners which is why the company board is attending all the international commercial events around the world.

The company has various prepared vehicles to transport and distribute the foodstuff according to the standards accredited by the State of Libya.

Main Centers For administration and marketing

Square Meters Are the total size of non-air-conditioned warehouses owned by the company.

Square Meters Are the total size of the air-conditioned warehouses owned by the company

Years of accumulated hands-on experience in the Libyan market

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