Throughout all the previous years, among our main objectives were to think of an investment system that develops though time, gains benefits for the company and the investor, and establishes a strong administration which is capable of indulging in large operation without any hesitation.
We provide, for whomever invests with us, that they are investing in an ambitious capable company that has a broad horizon and an experience in the Libyan market.

Our initiative to create an investment system within the frame of our company comes from our trust that not far from now we would offer the shares of our company in the Libyan stock market as soon as this system is activated.
Our company provides a safe and stable platform for the current investors and it seeking to soon open this system to include whoever is willing a part of it.



Sustainable Development

Our top priority is to develop our investment System.

A Safe and Stable Platform for the Investors

Because Al-Wasr platform is a suitable and flexible platform for big and small investors, we provide various comfortable options which serves the market and the investor.

A Solid System and a Strong Administration

Our company enjoys a strong system that is based on task delegation and the abilities to manage the biggest operations in the Libyan market.