The company imports multiple products to the Libyan market, distributes and trades them via signing contracts with counterpart companies through agreements of trade, guarantee of distribution, and full integration.

Currently the company imports products including Italian pasta and pastries from many pioneer Italian partners, and we also import juices with various packaging from Thai and Spanish partners, and the best quality fish and sea products from a Tunisian company.

We also work in trade of famous trademarks in addition to dairies and their products with a distinguished Dutch partner where we import the internationally most demanded products.
We consider whomever we work with -and choose their products for the Libyan market- as our partners and we make sure to develop our professional relationship with them, and the witness to that is how we maintain their products flow easily through us, and in balanced distribution strategies that guarantees their products reserved at the shelves of the Libyan market, and to always be a favorite choice for Libyans.

Announcing a package of new products for our company